Nat.Com.:英科学家研究“人造子宫” 受精卵能存活8天
中国新闻网 · 2012/03/06
据新加坡《联合早报》5日报道,英国诺丁汉大学科研人员宣布,他们开发出一种能将受精卵在人工环境下培育更长时间的设备,该设备被形象地称为“人造子宫”。 据介绍,此前的相关技术最多能将受精卵在人工环境中培育4天,然后必须移植回子宫中,不然受精卵就会死亡。而诺丁汉大学研究人员开发出一种







Dynamics of anterior–posterior axis formation in the developing mouse embryo

Samantha A. Morris,  Seema Grewal,  Florencia Barrios,  Sameer N. Patankar,  Bernhard Strauss,  Lee Buttery,  Morgan Alexander,  Kevin M. Shakesheff  & Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

The development of an anterior–posterior (AP) polarity is a crucial process that in the mouse has been very difficult to analyse, because it takes place as the embryo implants within the mother. To overcome this obstacle, we have established an in-vitro culture system that allows us to follow the step-wise development of anterior visceral endoderm (AVE), critical for establishing AP polarity. Here we use this system to show that the AVE originates in the implanting blastocyst, but that additional cells subsequently acquire AVE characteristics. These 'older' and 'younger' AVE domains coalesce as the egg cylinder emerges from the blastocyst structure. Importantly, we show that AVE migration is led by cells expressing the highest levels of AVE marker, highlighting that asymmetry within the AVE domain dictates the direction of its migration. Ablation of such leading cells prevents AVE migration, suggesting that these cells are important for correct establishment of the AP axis.


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