EurekAlert! · 2010/10/25
对携带虐原虫的蚊子的基因组所做的2项分析表明,在这种昆虫的种群间的基因流动要比原先认为的更为局限,从而导致了不同种群间的基因组差别以及新的物种。 该研究可能对蚊子控制计划有用,它可帮助这些计划适应蚊子行为中的任何种群迁徙,这些种群迁徙是蚊子本身对控蚊措施的一种适应反应。 在一则

对携带虐原虫的蚊子的基因组所做的2项分析表明,在这种昆虫的种群间的基因流动要比原先认为的更为局限,从而导致了不同种群间的基因组差别以及新的物种。 该研究可能对蚊子控制计划有用,它可帮助这些计划适应蚊子行为中的任何种群迁徙,这些种群迁徙是蚊子本身对控蚊措施的一种适应反应。

在一则研究中,Mara Lawniczak及其在欧洲和美国的同事对冈比亚按蚊的“M”和“S”的2种分子形式的基因组进行了测序。这两种蚊的行为各不相同且看上去分离成为2个不同的种类。 在另外一则研究中,Daniel Neafsey及其在欧洲、非洲和美国的同事制备了高分辨率单核苷酸阵列来比对冈比亚按蚊的各个品种中的遗传歧化。




Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1195755

Widespread Divergence Between Incipient Anopheles gambiae Species Revealed by Whole Genome Sequences

M. K. N. Lawniczak,1,* S. J. Emrich,2,* A. K. Holloway,3 A. P. Regier,2 M. Olson,2 B. White,4 S. Redmond,1 L. Fulton,5 E. Appelbaum,5 J. Godfrey,5 C. Farmer,5 A. Chinwalla,5 S.-P. Yang,5 P. Minx,5 J. Nelson,5 K. Kyung,5 B. P. Walenz,6 E. Garcia-Hernandez,6 M. Aguiar,6 L. D. Viswanathan,6 Y.-H. Rogers,6 R. L. Strausberg,6 C. A. Saski,7 D. Lawson,8 F. H. Collins,4 F. C. Kafatos,1 G. K. Christophides,1 S. W. Clifton,5 E. F. Kirkness,6 N. J. Besansky4,

The Afrotropical mosquito Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto, a major vector of malaria, is currently undergoing speciation into the M and S molecular forms. These forms have diverged in larval ecology and reproductive behavior through unknown genetic mechanisms, despite considerable levels of hybridization. Previous genome-wide scans using gene-based microarrays uncovered divergence between M and S that was largely confined to gene-poor pericentromeric regions, prompting a speciation-with-ongoing-gene-flow model that implicated only about 3% of the genome near centromeres in the speciation process. Here, based on the complete M and S genome sequences, we report widespread and heterogeneous genomic divergence inconsistent with appreciable levels of interform gene flow, suggesting a more advanced speciation process and greater challenges to identify genes critical to initiating that process.

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