Nat Commun:超薄新型可穿戴 随时监控心血管健康

近日,来自西北大学和伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳-香槟分校的研究人员发明了一款新型可穿戴医疗设备,使用该设备的人如果出现心血管问题,设备会快速发出警告。相关文章发表在《自然通讯》(Nature Communications)杂志上。


参与该研究的Yonggang Huang说:“我们的设备超薄舒适,就像皮肤本身的一部分,人们只要将其戴在手腕上即可监测健康。除了在医疗健康方面发挥作用,化妆品公司还可用它以非侵入的方式测量皮肤干燥程度。”



  • Epidermal photonic devices for quantitative imaging of temperature and thermal transport characteristics of the skin

    Characterization of temperature and thermal transport properties of the skin can yield important information of relevance to both clinical medicine and basic research in skin physiology. Here we introduce an ultrathin, compliant skin-like, or ‘epidermal’, photonic device that combines colorimetric temperature indicators with wireless stretchable electronics for thermal measurements when softly laminated on the skin surface. The sensors exploit thermochromic liquid crystals patterned into large-scale, pixelated arrays on thin elastomeric substrates; the electronics provide means for controlled, local heating by radio frequency signals. Algorithms for extracting patterns of colour recorded from these devices with a digital camera and computational tools for relating the results to underlying thermal processes near the skin surface lend quantitative value to the resulting data. Application examples include non-invasive spatial mapping of skin temperature with milli-Kelvin precision (±50 mK) and sub-millimetre spatial resolution. Demonstrations in reactive hyperaemia assessments of blood flow and hydration analysis establish relevance to cardiovascular health and skin care, respectively.

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